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About us Founded in 1960 by Rasheed Ahmed Chaudhry, Founder of Maktaba Jadeed Press (one of the biggest publishers in Pakistan) number of prestigious magazines printed for various publishing houses. Maktaba Jadeed Press also prints high quality commercial POS items and books for the domestic and export markets.

Our printing units has developed its own unique strength and areas of expertise, providing our customers with a strong support structure across an extensive range of printing services.
Absolute commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled level of service have made Maktaba Jadeed Press a leading specialist in Design, Prepress, Printing and distribution services. As a company we are committed to employing dedicated staff, investing in the very best technology available and maintaining a close involvement with the industry.

For details please check Pre Press, Press and Post- Press.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not spam in any ways.

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